New Services


Our first step in re-gathering was to do very simple services for the joy of being together. We did that both in the morning and evening to cater for those at different stages of life. For me I found it so moving being all together in a room again, singing to Jesus. 

Now that we have found our home in Isca for the time being, with classrooms aplenty as well as people with some energy to serve on childrens groups we have relaunched our Sunday Service. This is where our resources are now going: Sunday morning 10:30 at Isca Academy. The gathering involves some time all together singing, a little children’s teaching slot, some family news and then Bible teaching for adults. As we concentrate on evolving this service it necessitates us ceasing to meet in the evening. However, there are numerous events coming up in the evenings still at The Hall: worships evenings, prayer adventures, Church Together meetings, so do check out our Courses & Events page for those.

Below you can find the links to a few videos of Eloise, Aaron and Tim describe what it’s been like for them moving through the Sunday morning changes.

Click here: Eloise and Aaron joining Grace Morning

Click here: Tim on attending the Grace Morning Service