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Joining in with God’s Reconciliation of all things.

At Grace Church we want to inspire students to join in with God’s plan of reconciliation.

During your years at university, you have a unique opportunity to invest in yourself and your relationships. You may be moving away from home for the first time, ready to explore what you want your life to look like. This may be one of the only times in your life where you are not responsible for anyone else. This may be the best opportunity to invest in yourself of your entire life.

We want to encourage you to take this opportunity with both hands, and believe that Grace Church provides a great place to do that. We are creating a community that facilitates and encourages personal, relational and spiritual growth.



We have a vivid, beautiful and tangible dream. A dream in which all things are made new. A dream where we, the beautifully designed, embrace the designer. Where we, with unlimited creativity delight our creator.

The pyramid diagram illustrates the areas that God is inviting us to reconcile to his beautiful design, and we have created a student ministry that encourages students to learn and grow in these areas. Head to our About page to take a deeper look at Grace Church’s vision.


We want to equip students during this special season in their lives to grow and develop in every point on the pyramid, so we have designed a two-year rolling programme that takes a look at each of these themes. The first year considers the themes of God, self and others, while the second year considers themes of others, spiritual and material. Click here to find our course structure and have a look at some of the topics we will be digging into!

Our student group meets on Sunday afternoon at 3pm for a cuppa and a conversation. Each week we will either have a social or be going through a course.


We would also love to welcome you into the wider Grace Church family. We therefore offer opportunities beyond our Sunday gatherings for students to find their unique niche in community life. Community Groups are the primary place for this, with students experiencing belonging, exploring faith and expressing God’s love for those around them.

Volunteering on teams across church life gives opportunities to build relationships, and to help create safe and welcoming environments where others can explore, experience and express God’s goodness. 

Finally, our equipping team is here to help students discover and develop their gifts and talents as they use them for the benefit of their neighbours and the Grace Church family.

The Team

Our Student ministry is headed up by Lydia and Stu. Lydia is a 4th year Natural Sciences student at Exeter Uni and Stu (decades ago) studied Politics and Economics at Exeter Uni too. Stu now works full-time for Grace Church as our Lead Pastor. They both know the joys and challenges that can be involved in student life, and are well equipped to help you through your time in Exeter.

If you are looking for a student church in Exeter, we would love to welcome you, or help in any way we can. You can find us at Magdalen Court School on Sundays. Join us from 10am for coffee!

Please note, we will not be meeting physically due to COVID-19 until October 2020. Please join us at at 10am on Sundays to take part in our online services.


We would also love to hear from you via email or social media.

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