New staff!


Our recent Church Together included some exciting news about our staffing. We are newly employing Dan Roach and continuing to employ Mike & Susy Holding. 

We are delighted that Dan will be joining the staff team from April 1st . He will continue to work for his present employer two days a week and give three days a week to Grace Church. This will be for two years. Dan has for a long time held a sense of calling into full-time ministry which has only grown in recent years. For the last four years he has been part of the Senior Leadership Team and since last May has given extraordinary amounts of time to the church, initially through Stu’s sabbatical and then continuing through the autumn until now. Personally his support to Mick has enabled him to manage the extra demands of this season. Dan’s role is SLT level of responsibility with the view to eldership appointment in the summer.

At the end of the two years he could return full time into his profession or pursue employment in ministry within our family of churches. It is important to note, Dan is not being asked to replace Stu. He will work alongside Mick and the rest of the staff team. The exact details of his role are still to be worked through, but he will preach a bit more, he will have time to give more to his present responsibilities plus additional responsibilities, which are in the process of being clarified. Like others working on staff, this service to the church does involve financial sacrifice willingly given because of their love not only for God, but also for Grace Church. Please let Dan and Katie have your prayers, support and encouragement as they take this step of faith.

One other staff position that is critical in our community is that of Children and Families worker. Susy and Mike Holding have been doing a great job getting our kids work on Sunday up and running. They were able to commit to their leadership and co-ordinating role with children and youth until September. Post September Susy will continue the role, and we are currently looking into how she can be supported in this, with some exciting options which we hope to let you know about soon!