Spirit Filled

When the Bible talks about being filled with the Spirit, it is not only speaking about the spectacular, or the spontaneous, it’s talking about being spirit-animated people. The life we have is energized by him. It means that we are directed by the Spirit; it means that we are empowered by the Spirit and it means that we’re equipped by the Spirit.
Unless we are directed, and powered and equipped, we will never be able to fulfil our mission…  but the glorious truth is that in Christ, we are.


Church is not an event – or a trip to the ‘spiritual supermarket’ where we get what we need, and then just leave. It’s a place which thrives on relationship, commitment, and involvement.

If you are in Christ, and others in Christ, you are connected at a more fundamental level than you are connected to anybody else on earth. You are brothers and sisters in Christ, and as part of the same church community, we are to love, encourage, serve and strengthen one another.

On Mission

God wants us to be people that enjoy his creation and look after it and look after people and bring out their potential. He wants us to be helping with the healing, of the hurting, the caring for those in need.  And at the very heart, by showing God’s love in those ways to draw people to him, and a commitment to his Son.

As followers of Jesus, part of our mission is to be good news: as neighbours, to be good news as colleagues, to be good news in our workplace and in the places where we study – because we have a living relationship with the Creator God.


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Mick Taylor preaches on “A Spirit-filled Community on Mission”