Dave Rogers appointed as an elder

We were really pleased to see Dave appointed as an elder of Grace Church during a special Sunday service on 11 June 2023. The weather was hot and many stayed on for a picnic and cake afterwards! What a joy to be together on such a significant day for our church 🙂

You can catch up on the service Click HERE.

The Summer Term is here!

7 weeks. 7 of the most significant statements ever made by the most important person who ever lived.

Between May and July 2023, we are going to be looking together at the ‘I Am’ statements of Jesus in the Book of John in our new preaching series I Am: The answer to life’s biggest questions.

If you want to dig a bit deeper, we would recommend reading Marcus Nodder’s short, practical book alongside the series. Here is the Amazon link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Am-Answers-Lifes-Biggest-Questions/dp/1789741777

The series will run for seven weeks in May and July with a break in the middle for a run of special Sundays which we’re really looking forward, including a beach baptism on 28 May, a thanksgiving service on 4 June, Dave Rogers coming into eldership on 11 June and a visit from Guy Miller, who oversees the Commission family of churches of…

Courageous Faith in a Complex World

New year, new preaching series! 

This term we are going to do a 10-week preaching series in Jeremiah which we have called ‘Courageous Faith in a Complex World’. The book of Jeremiah is large in scale and profound in depth, providing us with a deep understanding of a whole range of core biblical subjects which are vitally needed in the church today: the greatness of God and the seriousness of sin, the call to faithfulness and perseverance in the face of rejection and exile and concrete hope in the promises of Christ and the gospel. 

Our hopes for this series are that, as a church, we will gain a bigger view of who God is, a clearer understanding of sin and become more courageous in our witness to Him. This is a challenging book, we need the challenge it brings. Jeremiah’s perspective provides a depth that is much needed by us today. We need his example of courageous faith in a day which echoed many of the complexities of our own…

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