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Three months of change

Three months ago with Covid 19 spreading and a lot of uncertainty we set out to ‘decrease our proximity and increase our connectivity.’

We have continued to create and share online worship, teaching, news and connection on Sunday mornings. Many of us have upskilled and connected as communities and leaders through google or zoom. 

For many of us connections have been better than ever though for some of us it has been a challenge not to grow our friendships with people in person. 

People have been blessed as we re-shaped our marriage course, daily prayer opportunities, Alpha, School of Preaching, youth and now parenting support to online alternatives. 

Superb volunteers such as Maggie Beckett (pastoral), Mike Holding (supplies), Mary Bowen (pregnant mums), Jon Salter (healthcare workers), Joe Wilson (finance), Phil Butcher (welcome), Chris Collision (digital support), The Martins and the Homers (Foodbank connection) and …

Marriage resources in lockdown

Rob and Rach Willmott lead our marriage ministry and they have kindly put together some helpful resources whilst being socially distant! These include websites, podcasts, and books to consider. For those who are married, we can hope to strengthen our marriages and also pray for our partners whilst we have this extra time together. Please see helpful resource list, which you can use to reach out for a helping hand if needed or just for fun!

Also check out this post here from the archives!

Care For The Family

Care for the Family is a national charity which promotes strong family life and comes top of our list of marriage resources. They want to see couples flourishing in strong and …

Decrease proximity and increase connectivity

God invites us to ask Him for help every day (daily bread). At this time, many of us will feel more aware of our needs than ever. May we resist responding only to need, crisis and uncertainty. Rather, may we draw near to Him and find Him to be our source of strength, love, kindness, and compassion. Go on being filled. 

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Week 3 update

Week 2 update

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Stu sent an email last week during the onset of Corona Virus within the UK, he recorded a useful message advising us to decrease proximity and increase connectivity, (see link below)

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