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It was such a good weekend to enjoy and see others spending time together. Eating, talking, playing and sharing the activities of life was such a joy. Well done to all who camped! To those of you who are ‘natural campers’ well done for investing the time together. For those ‘reluctant campers’ well done for going for it! I’m sure like me, many of us enjoyed being with others in an unrushed way. 

I think Westpoint is particularly good for our children. Playing around the camp, enjoying activities together, getting to know other adults as well as engaging in age-specific ministries where creativity and gifting can be released! Well done again to all who served in the children’s groups to help make it happen. 

Wider Connection 

What a blessing to have a real connection with a wider group of churches. This connection will mean different things to different people but I particularly appreciate the …


Baptism is for learners.

Baptism isn’t something to enter into lightly – it should be thoughfully considered.  Below are comments from Hannah and Jackie who have been baptised at Grace Church.

Hannah says “I’ve been putting this off for years. I know this is what Jesus is asking of me. I could’ve done this years ago.”

For Jackie baptism is about saying “I used to think Jesus was about strict rules and I wasn’t really interested. Now though, thanks to my daughter inviting me to Grace Church a couple of years ago, I’ve accepted Jesus into my life and I want to follow him.”

Or, take the story of an Ethiopian politican for example, recorded in Luke’s history of the early church. Travelling with him, Philip carefully explains the story of Jesus to this official and on the first sight of water he says: “What …


For most of the week we spend most of our waking hours at work. What’s it for?

There are many things we could say about the meaning, purpose and value of our 9-5 work and our wider participation in the life of our city. Here are a couple of insights, whether you’re working at the University, the Met Office, the RD&E, the council, at a school, home, office or shop,  doing things that seem meaningful or menial…

Joseph Sunde and Abraham Kuyper write on loving the hunt of scholarship:

“A real student does not make any progress until the study itself gives him pleasure. Wherever we are, and however we spend our days toiling, serving, innovating, loving, learning, and simply beholding, Christians are called not just to search in the service of finding, but to love …

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