Sunday Gatherings

1015am for 1030am start | Isca Academy

We are gathering at a local secondary school where we spend time together singing to Jesus, hearing the Bible taught for adults and where children are invited into age specific groups to build relationships together and explore their own faith. This will be an informal setting with a chance to connect with other families and get to know others in the community at different stages of life. If you are exploring the Christian faith individually or as a family we would love to welcome you! If you are Christians moving to the city this is a wonderful chance to see who we are. There is plenty of parking at the school. Do contact us with any questions you have!

Isca Academy, Earl Richards Road South, EX2 6AP.


We are currently working on upgrading how our teaching content is accessed via our website. For now, for current content please click the Youtube Channel button below and for pre-pandemic content please click our Back Catalogue button.

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Community Groups

Whether during a global pandemic or not, our Community Groups exist for members to grow in faith, to know and love one another and to express God’s love to those around them.

Typically, Community Groups are made up of around 15 to 30 people and will frequently socialise and practically lookout for, and love, each other. Every group is encouraged to consider and plan how it can bless and make a difference for particular groups of people or places in our city.

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Equipping Ministries

To support and strengthen our Community Groups and Sundays, we run Equipping Ministries as needed. Sometimes these Equipping Ministries are taken by Community Groups, whilst on other occasions they are attended more broadly by church members and friends.

We receive teaching and further resources around important areas including prayer, parenting, life skills, handling suffering, work, theology, marriage, money management, faith foundations and leadership training.

We draw on a wide range of people from within Grace Church and from the regional, national and global Church, using a mix of video teaching and other materials for discussion; online, in homes, coffee shops and other venues across the city.

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At Grace Church we believe that true flourishing and growth comes from learning how to be rooted in Christ. Our children’s teams count it as a privilege to be a part of many journeys of faith!

It is a true blessing to come together every Sunday so we pray that this season will be filled with new opportunities for friendships to grow, learn more about who Jesus is and to have lots of fun together!

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Grace Youth

We believe that true flourishing comes from learning how to be rooted in Christ. Our Youth team counts it a privilege to be a part of many journeys of faith!


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