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As we learn how to walk with God and each other we are inspired to join in with God and make a lasting difference.


Inspired by the generosity of Jesus we love to give and share our resources. Our church is entirely funded by its members including our staffing, facilities and ministries. We encourage our members to give as they feel able to. As a church we give away the first 10% of our income to church planting and other charities.


We see church as a family. Therefore as we share life together, we expect everyone to help each other out and serve each other within our gatherings and communities. Due to the number of people who gather we organise volunteering through the staff team and encourage everyone to be on a service rota at least once a month.

We have opportunities to volunteer and be trained where appropriate to welcome, set up, serve tea and coffee, sound, visuals, worship, leading and helping children’s groups, office assistance and much more.

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Each term Stu & Chloe are delighted to invite newcomers over for afternoon tea at their home. Our welcome tea is a great opportunity to get to know our leaders, hear our story and catch our vision. We trust you will have a good afternoon and it will help you consider if Grace Church is a place you can call home.

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