Recovery, Family, Facility

As we discern God’s heart and join in with his work, we at Grace Church will be focussing on three areas over the next three years. They can be summarised as: Recovery, Family, Facility


Recovery: The global pandemic has caused loss and suffering for many. Before we ‘rebuild’ we want to be attentive to God’s heart and call to those who have especially suffered.

Family: God has blessed us with many families and children. We want to be a church where faith is passed on well and we flourish together as we raise our children.

Facility: A place of prayer, ministry and equipping which we own has long been a dream of ours. We seek a midweek facility to enable blessing to flow from our community while wisely investing resources in property for future generations.


“In the decade ahead there is no question that the Church will have a critical role in addressing poverty issues such as housing, hunger, debt, welfare and despair.”  Dr Dave Landrum (EA)

Employment, mental health and domestic life are among the areas of life that have experienced severe strain. We are entering into a season which will require wisdom, prayer and action if we are to reflect God’s heart together in this new challenge.

Here you can read about the growing needs of our nation and how we might respond in faith, starting with our own hearts.

Our response will include both releasing some leadership capacity in order to coordinate our activity, as well as investing in key partners. These will include Exeter Foodbank, Tearfund and the wider Church in Exeter.

We have drafted our recovery guidance, with more details to follow, as well as our emerging role which you can view here.



Learning faith with the next generation is something we want to grow in as a whole church. Supporting young people, equipping parents and involving the whole church over the coming years is very important for us. This is not only good for our kids but also for everyone as the Centre of Social Justice states “Stable, healthy families are at the heart of strong societies.”

At Grace Church it has been a wonderful gift to see many, many families of all shapes join us in the last decade. On a Sunday morning as well as in community there are all ages of children gathering as we learn to do faith together.

We have developed partnerships across the wider church and created an exciting new role to steer us on this wonderful journey.

See the job opportunity here




As a church we have been gathering since 2003 in many homes then in schools across the city, as well as renting office rooms in the city centre. We recognise a growing desire amongst us to invest our resources wisely whilst establishing a more permanent home in the city. 

Our first step we discern is to buy a ‘House of Prayer’ and ‘equipping’ that would provide office space and opportunities for ministries like leaders training, prayer meetings, community groups, Prayer Courses, Alpha, Marriage Ministry and others as the Lord leads. 

There has been a prophetic history in the church that began a ‘building pot’ that we have been regularly sowing into in the past decade and now feels the time to invest this into a property. In times of change we will be looking at new opportunities as they present themselves.


Vision Fund

We are holding a gift day asking for donations towards Grace Church Exeter’s vision aims.

Your donations will be used to support the work and ministries of Grace Church Exeter, Registered Charity No. 1182435.

Our hope is that we can use the money raised to further our aims of:-

1. Joining in: with the relief and response: bringing hope and support in the current Covid-19  pandemic by responding to local, national and international need;

2. Supporting families: resourcing and supporting the large number of children and families we have in Grace Church Exeter by investing further in our children, youth and family ministries, equipping them with resources to live out faith in their generation and potentially staffing a position to work into this area.

3. Owning a facility: buying a building to house our church offices and create a space for wider prayer and ministries;

We hope to hold a series of gift days in order to raise money towards these aims, of which this is the second. If for any reason, we cannot buy a building or specifically achieve some of the above aims, or if any surplus funds are raised, be assured that your donation will be used to support the ongoing charitable work of Grace Church Exeter and support all we do.


How to give

In May we had another series of ‘Vision Sundays’ with an opportunity to give. You can give into this fund at any time with details of how to do so below.

For our regular givers, please use our usual bank details and mark your donation ‘Vision’ or ‘Vision Fund’.

GoCardless manages the online transactions and takes a small fee for each transaction, so we do prefer you to give straight into our bank account if at all possible, please use the button below to make contact and we can advise on what you need to do next to make a payment.



Alternatively you can give online here, choose ‘Vision Fund’:



If you are able to be a ‘Gift Aider’ and are a UK taxpayer, Gift Aid adds 25p to every £1 donated. All you need to do is click the button below, fill in the form and email to



As we walk this journey as a community we will have different questions at different times. We would be glad to hear your thoughts and questions. Please do be in touch with any member of our leadership and we will do what we can to help.

For frequently asked questions, please see attached pdf here.