The Blizzard


Andy Crouch describes the pandemic as winter weather. The Blizzard is the short intense season, the winter is the longer season that follows, and the ice age reflects the way that the world is changed. 

Some of us are back into a bit of a blizzard with the closure of schools, the increase pressure on those of us who in the care sector and teachers having to adapt quickly to the new term. 

It is important during moments like this that we make a little bit of extra effort to find each other. A little extra to reach out and hold hands and just checking in with each other goes a long way. I just want to encourage you to be extra attentive as visibility goes down a bit and intensity goes up for people through this next change.

As we kick off this term together, I just want to re-state and remind us of some of easy ways that we can do this together. 

Are you needing help?

  • Ask your community group leader. They are there for you and will be able to help or signpost you. Find out about groups on our website. 
  • Receive on Sundays by hearing about God’s love, encounter him in worship and connect with the Grace Church family or receive by stepping into a ministry / course.
  • Connect if you are stuck by emailing and our team will be in touch with you to see how we can support you. 

Are you able to offer help?

  • Love your community group by expressing your availability to your Community Group leader. This will help as different needs arise. 
  • Support our Sundays by reading Stu’s email and being ready to serve in the coming weeks for either the adult or children’s service.  
  • Pray with us online each Wednesday as we share the pressure points in church and ask God to move. 12.30 – 1.00pm.  

I hope that’s helpful if you’ve got any comments or questions or needs to please be in touch we’re here for each other in the ways that we can be during this difficult time.