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‘Stream our services, fellowship outside’

This summer is all about refreshment. After a demanding year for many of us in lots of different ways our summer aims are:

  • Joy in Jesus and each other.
  • Rejuvenation and reconnection.
  • Gently progress towards ‘in person’ gatherings as restrictions ease. 


We have exciting opportunities for reconnecting in person as well as the summer season to enjoy together (the beach is calling!)

Our summer leadership group is ready to collaborate with members. We look forward to prayer, discussion and seeking our new direction together in the autumn term. 

STREAM OUR SERVICES – progressions

We are looking to enjoy our teaching and worship together wherever possible. Here are a number of possibilities that we could make happen together for our Sunday services.

1) Developing Grace Kids/Developing Grace Adults

2) Streaming in homes (Studio audience?)

3) Streaming to ‘in person’ public gathering (30-40)

We have created the opportunity for team to create ‘pop up’ and ‘playback’ services at any time on Sundays. Our team cannot wait to collaborate with members as restrictions ease.

4) Streaming to multiple gatherings

5) Streaming from a larger venue (150 people)

Please find contacts below if you willing to help us make any of the above progressions.



We are looking to safely connect together wherever possible. Here are a number of possibilities that we could make happen together to enable us to reconnect in person. 

1) CGs / 6’s / ministries outside.

2) Whole Community Groups.

3) CGs joining together outside.

4) Outside socials to connect across Grace. Walkers? Golfers? Games?

5) Outside ministries. Campfire prayer & worship? Choir?

6) Outside one off events. Service picnics? Carol service

For event listings and sign up opportunities please visit our events and courses page.


Contact Us

If any of these progressions, or steps forward, excite you and you’d like to explore how you might serve our community in making these gatherings possible, do email the below people depending on which area you’re interested in. 


  • Grace Kids: Ann Banks anncbanks@gmail.com
  • Adult Worship: Rach Homer rachelkatemuzzet40@gmail.com
  • Service possibilities: Scott Pannell scott@gracechurchexeter.org
  • Community Groups Outside – Dan Roach d.roach86@gmail.com
  • Outside Socials / Ministries – Mick Taylor mick@gracechurchexeter.org
  • General Event Support – Scott Pannell scott@gracechurchexeter.org


As Stu said at Church Together, ‘grab a towel’ with the spirit of serving each other. We can grow in faith and community during this time. This could be our moment!

If you would like more detail on how this will work, please contact anyone above, alternatively click here to see how our process is being run.