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For most of the week we spend most of our waking hours at work. What’s it for?

There are many things we could say about the meaning, purpose and value of our 9-5 work and our wider participation in the life of our city. Here are a couple of insights, whether you’re working at the University, the Met Office, the RD&E, the council, at a school, home, office or shop,  doing things that seem meaningful or menial…

Joseph Sunde and Abraham Kuyper write on loving the hunt of scholarship:

“A real student does not make any progress until the study itself gives him pleasure. Wherever we are, and however we spend our days toiling, serving, innovating, loving, learning, and simply beholding, Christians are called not just to search in the service of finding, but to love and cherish the search itself. Whether professors or students, masons or farmhands, painters or poets, husbands or wives, fathers or daughters, let us learn to love the hunt, and love it so that we might glorify God and one day rejoice in its fruits.”

Sunde again writes, quoting from Stephen Williams on finding meaning and beauty as a fast food worker:

This is not what I thought I’d be doing at twenty-seven… The thought hits me again, but with a far different force than before. It is humbling to work here, but not in the way that implies shame. Who am I to so readily dismiss a job where I witness the entire spectrum of human emotion during the course of a single shift? Who am I to think ill of this chance to observe – over and over again – the miracle of childhood and the poignancy of prayer? Who am I to think that the transcendent things that happen every night in a southern Virginia fast food joint are in any way of lesser importance than those that happen elsewhere? …the beauty you seek is not elsewhere, bro…Keep your eyes open. It’s often right in front of you.”

Have a good day at work.

Image – Amanda Dias – Creative Commons