Marriage resources in lockdown


Rob and Rach Willmott lead our marriage ministry and they have kindly put together some helpful resources whilst being socially distant! These include websites, podcasts, and books to consider. For those who are married, we can hope to strengthen our marriages and also pray for our partners whilst we have this extra time together. Please see helpful resource list, which you can use to reach out for a helping hand if needed or just for fun!

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Care For The Family

Care for the Family is a national charity which promotes strong family life and comes top of our list of marriage resources. They want to see couples flourishing in strong and healthy relationships. With anything that is precious to us, we do all that we can to help it thrive, but it’s easy to leave our relationship on autopilot. Care For The Family want to support couples, whether they’ve been together for many years or have just got together and whether their relationship is in great shape or experiencing challenges.

The Marriage Challenge (37 episodes!)

Marriage resources for lockdown - The Marriage Challenge

The Marriage Challenge is an audio podcast designed to help any couple strengthen their relationship. Each episode features a guest couple tackling a different topic or challenge they’ve faced, sharing when and how they got it wrong and what has helped them to change.

Each edition also features a helpful challenge for the listener to try during the next month. Various titles and something for everyone. All of them have something to offer and follow the same basic format. How did they meet? What is the challenge that they are facing? Then a marriage challenge for couples to attempt – 15 minutes for each one.

Articles: short and sweet

Other resources on the Care For The Family website are articles about a whole range of subjects to name but a few!

Building a marriage in a digital age
Communicating love
Argue well, handling conflict
Friendship in marriage

Marriage books to read

The 60 Minute Marriage by Rob Parsons

Marriage resources in lockdown - The Sixty Minute Marriage

This is a very simple and easy-to-read book that gets to the heart of marriage quickly, plainly with lots of practical help. It is an invaluable marriage resource for every couple at every moment in their marriage. It looks at topics such as: communication, sex, conflict and money – things we all need to address. A really impactful book, we would love to recommend it to you.

On Marriage by Tim and Kathy Keller

Join Tim and Kathy Keller as they embark on a voyage of discovery into the meaning of marriage. Marriage is one of life’s truly life-altering journeys in which we experience our greatest joys and sadnesses. This incredible book is so helpful for understand the meaning of marriage and its religious and spiritual significance. There is so much wisdom and compassion in the way that they communicate lessons on marriage learnt from the Bible. Highly recommended!


Nicky and Sila Lee

Nicky and Sila Lee who run the Marriage Course from Holy Trinity Brompton in London recently did the following talk. It outlines the importance of communication in marriage and uses the infamous rhinos and hedgehog illustration! Listen here to find out more!

Have fun!

We hope these marriage resources serve you well in the coming weeks and months. With our love to you all, Rob and Rach.