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It’s a perfectly good question, for a friend to ask.

But how do you answer it. What kind of language is appropriate? How honest can I be? How could I honour the relationship without faking like everything is amazing?

The same struggle could be true if we try to answer the question: what is God saying to you?


Jesus said to his first followers (in John 21:20-23) “Don’t worry about the story I’ve written for other people, you follow me.”

So, “What is God saying to you?”


Changing the conversation can be deeply disorienting. If we’re used to talking about certain things – like what God is generally saying, or what other people need to hear – seasoned believers can suddenly feel like novices.

Culture-shock is awkward. It’s unsettling. But learning our way through the discomfort might bring us life.

This is where we’re looking to be. Recognising that each of us is on a journey with Jesus, needing to take one step at a time with him, we want to be huddling with others to pursue this question. What is God saying to me?

It may take some time to learn the vocabulary to answer the question, but if each of us could discern what God was saying to us and what he was asking of us… Just imagine.

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