Year on year, Halloween grows as a festival in our culture. Perhaps not quite rivalling Christmas commercially, but nonetheless a major event in the middle of the autumn term.  As with most traditions in our culture,  it's worth thinking through our approach and attitude - wherever you land in practice.

Peter Dray traces the story back:

"What has happened for centuries on All Saints’ Eve – or Halloween – is quite simple. God’s people act out a drama – a drama in which the demonic realm tries one last time to achieve victory, but is seen for what it really is. What is the means by which the demonic realm is seen for what it is? In a word: mockery…

…on Halloween, the custom arose of mocking the demonic realm by dressing children in costumes. Because the power of Satan has been broken once and for all, children can mock him by dressing up like ghosts, goblins, and witches. The fact that Christians dressed up their children in this way shows our supreme confidence in the utter defeat of Satan by Jesus Christ – there is no fear!" (Read more here)

Glen Scrivener reflects more poetically:

Halloween: Trick or Treat? from 10ofthose.com on Vimeo.