What kind of introduction would God make to people? We're asking this question as we unpack the first century letter from Paul to the churches in Galatia.

The letter opens passionately with a reminder of the welcome of God they'd heard of. The kind of welcome can be discerned from the kind of God.

A God who is pleased. Can you imagine God with a smile on his face? Paul says, don't imagine - look at Jesus.

A God who is personally introducing himself by revealing his Son. If Jesus is the Son then God is Father. This God makes himself known.  Where religions call us to adopt them, this God comes and offers to adopt us into his family.

A God who is present.  He is pleased to reveal his Son to people and even in people. Not merely information but an inner revelation, moving into our lives by the Spirit of his Son.

Is this presumptuous, to claim that Jesus is the way you can know God? It sounds like arrogance but this isn't believe in Jesus and get a prize. Jesus himself is the prize. If you want to know him get to know him.

God, with a smile on his face sends his Son to make himself known.