Annually, between April and July, our leadership teams participate in a season of review, reflection and discussion to work together to agree key areas of focus for the year ahead for our Church Family. We will be sharing the results of this process at our Church Together Prayer Meeting at 7.30pm on Wednesday 1st July at The Maynard School, and in four following blog posts.

As a Church Leader I would see this as one of the most important processes for the health of our Church. Many hours are spent, tough decisions are made, faith is required, resources are aligned and hopefully success will be experienced.

Personally, I prepare for this season through private prayer, silence and solitude. I would normally go to a place of outstanding natural beauty and lay before God all that is on my mind and heart. I tend to wait, listen, sense and write anything that I discern as helpful.

At this time of year I ask our for attendance figures, giving reports, guest card responses, ministry reports and for opinions of a variety of key leaders to help me form a picture of overall Church life.

Our Senior Leadership Team spends a day apart together. On this time four additional people invited. We share, discuss, listen, debate and look for convergence together. Our Wider Leadership Team was invited to bring input and feedback adding multiple perspectives and insights.

I also seek input from those who care for our Church, who are outside our Church. I speak to Matt Partridge on a regular basis and would run most things past Matt inviting comments, feedback and shape to key decision moments.

Our aim is to ‘hit the ground running’ in September with clear areas of focus, teams pulling in the same direction, resources in the right places and a sense of anticipation at what He might be pleased to do at our local Church.