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In our I LOVE MY CITY series we laid out a bigger vision for life with Christ. What happens in a world where everything matters? What is the purpose of coming to know Jesus? What would such a life be for?

One place would be to use FOR THE LIFE OF THE WORLD (‘FLOW’) a series of seven videos by storyteller Evan Koons and his friends, built upon rich scholarship translated through the lense of a creative cataylst.

This course aims to re-enchant us with the deeper mystery of life in this world, considering how faith effects relationships, work, justice & hospitality, wisdom & learning, wonder & beauty and the church.

This material forms part of our suite of theological training resources at Grace Church Exeter.

Two of our Community Groups have used this resource along with a number of individuals in the past.

The first group did an intensive weekend working through all seven 17min videos with discussion, followed up with a meal including a 90min Skype Q&A with US-based course creator Evan Koons.

The second group are working through the material over seven evenings, combined with discussion and prayer.

“My wife and I watched this last night. Mindblowing.” Grace Church Member

“No better curriculum to get a vision for the glory of God” Jon Tyson

Watch this trailer for a taste: