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Stuart Alred writes:

Sometimes feel like I have heard so much about vision, and failed so miserably to motivate people, that I should give it up!

I suppose as a leader of any group, a picture of a preferred future that produce passion is a much coveted asset.

At our senior leadership day apart, one of my team mates said, “None of this motivates me. I never talk about this stuff. I just like talking about Jesus.” 

As a Christian, Jesus is the hero. He is the one who we want to draw attention to. We imagine our futures through the lenses of what He said and did.

An observation that has been made around my leadership over the last couple of years is that we have given too much ‘what and how’ and not enough ‘why’.

Simon Sinek makes this point brilliantly in a TED talk which I have understood but strangely struggled to apply.

As it happens, our little local Church has it’s vision sketched around the contours of the life of Jesus. We believe certain things due to the life of Jesus which is shaping our Church.

As we make an intentional shift towards the ‘why’, we hope both members and guests at Grace Church will both understand our motivation and also be more motivated themselves!  

Heaven help me. 🙂