New Services

Our first step in re-gathering was to do very simple services for the joy of being together. We did that both in the morning and evening to cater for those at different stages of life. For me I found it so moving being all together in a room again, singing to Jesus. 

Now that we have found our home in Isca for the time being, with classrooms aplenty as well as people with some energy to serve on childrens groups we have relaunched our Sunday Service. This is where our resources are now going: Sunday morning 10:30 at Isca Academy. The gathering involves some time all together singing, a little children’s teaching slot, some family news and then Bible teaching for adults. As we concentrate on evolving this service it necessitates us ceasing to meet in the evening. However, there are numerous events coming up in the evenings still at The Hall: worships evenings, prayer adventures, Church Together meetings, so do check out our Courses & Events page for…

Stu’s Future

Dear Friends, 


I have felt for a number of years that I ‘part fit’ local church ministry. Some aspect of ministry works really well for me whilst other aspects are a huge stretch. I also feel that I have more to bring to my vocation than I am able to bring to local church ministry. 

I am passionate about teaching, leading and working with young people, but I do not feel that I need to be a church leader in order to use my passions and make a difference for others. 

It became clear to me during life coaching sessions on sabbatical that I am on a journey from being ‘in power’ to being ‘empowered’.


Like lots of churches we at Grace Church have been experiencing a challenging season. A sense of distance, pressures and reflection has given us all time to think and make changes. As a leadership we were looking at how we grow team and adapt our style to…

Grace Together Services

This Christmas we will be celebrating in a variety of ways on Dec 5th we will have our Community Group Sunday, no formal meeting to organise, but gathering in small groups across the city to celebrate Christmas together.

For those of you who are not in a Community Group and would like to connect, Dan and Katy Roach will be leading a walk up at Haldon Forest, they would love to see you! Further details are here.

On the 19th Dec we will be having two morning Carol services led by our newly formed choir with Christmas songs to listen and sing along to, refreshments and a short message, everyone is welcome! You can sign up for either service via our courses and events page here.

In the evening, we will be having our…

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