Summer Approach

This summer is all about refreshment. After a demanding year for many of us in lots of different ways, we have exciting opportunities for reconnecting in person as well as the summer season to enjoy together (the beach is calling!)Our Sunday Gathering opportunities will include excellent streamed teaching resources to be shared on big screens or small screens together in various settings. We are also looking at some unplugged worship and prayer opportunities as restrictions ease. 

We are also encouraging everyone to ‘fellowship outside’ through park games, walks, golf, garden parties and beach trips as we enjoy re-connecting together in this beautiful part of the world. 

Our Lead Pastor Stu Alred is taking a sabbatical June, July & August as he seeks rest and refreshment before bringing renewed leadership into the autumn term. Our summer leadership group chaired by Mick Taylor, including Dan Roach, Scott Pannell, Mike & Ann Banks and Julia Rice are…

New Role – Director of Family Formation

As part of our vision at Grace Church, we are excited that we have created this new role as follows. Please share it with anyone who you think might be well suited and be in touch with for further information.

Please see Job Description and Person Specification by clicking here

The Blizzard

Andy Crouch describes the pandemic as winter weather. The Blizzard is the short intense season, the winter is the longer season that follows, and the ice age reflects the way that the world is changed. 

Some of us are back into a bit of a blizzard with the closure of schools, the increase pressure on those of us who in the care sector and teachers having to adapt quickly to the new term. 

It is important during moments like this that we make a little bit of extra effort to find each other. A little extra to reach out and hold hands and just checking in with each other goes a long way. I just want to encourage you to be extra attentive as visibility goes down a bit and intensity goes up for people through this next change.

As we kick off this term together, I just want to re-state and remind us of some of easy ways that we can do this together. 

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