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Just Stewards

Kicking off 2020 and the new term with this sermon series we’re calling ‘Just Stewards’. To see and use the online resource we’ve made for this series Click …


Join us on these special Sundays to celebrate Christmas at Grace Church as we consider the extraordinary claim that Christ is with us! All are welcome – there are also opportunities to get creative, as well as support the most vulnerable in our local community.

1st December: ‘How God comes’ 8th December: ‘God comes for everyone’ 15th December: ‘God comes with a promise’ & ‘Get Creative’ Repurposed Christmas

Join us for a fun afternoon where we transform everyday recycling into decorative items to decorate our houses or give as gifts this Christmas.

22nd December: ‘God comes to Bethlehem’

Please also join us for two volunteering dates on the 3rd December and 19th December with the Exeter Foodbank, who will feed hundreds of people this Christmas. Join us to help sort through all the generous donations.

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Celebrating Advent: what are we giving our children for Christmas?

The lead up to Christmas is a busy but exciting time of year, especially when you have children. On top of the cooking, shopping and wrapping, there are endless options presented to us for counting down to the big day. Visits to Santa’s grotto, elves on shelves, Christmas markets and Christmas crafts. But what are we really giving our children for Christmas? And how can we make the most of celebrating Advent in our families?

The tradition of celebrating Advent

Traditions are an important and formative part of family life, which build on our children’s sense of identity. The Bible and the history of the church is full of examples of traditions and customs that help people to remember important truths. The Passover helped Jews to remember God saving them from Egypt, whilst communion reminds us of Jesus’ sacrifice. These symbolic actions cement these truths within our hearts and the same can be said for Christmas.

The word Advent means a time of …

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