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What is the dress code?

Come as you are. Generally informal.

What happens?

Enter the school via the car parks or pedestrian access. One of our welcome team will greet you and direct you through the site. Signage should help you find our meeting venue.

You’ll receive a Welcome Sheet at the venue door which outlines the shape of the morning, along with news about what we’re doing in the coming week and term.

On arrival at our venue you’ll have the opportunity to have a tea or a cup of locally roasted Crankhouse coffee between 10.00am-10.30am. Feel free to browse our Next Steps Library.

A five minute countdown will let you know that the service is about to start. We’ll sing a couple of songs. You’re welcome to join in but some prefer to just listen. Parents will be are invited to take their children to groups for 0-11s and on some weeks 11-16s.

We pass round baskets to enable those who would like to give to do so. Please feel no obligation to do this.

A passage from the Bible will be read. If you don’t have a Bible we would love to give you a copy as our gift to you. One of our speaking team will give a 30 minute talk based on the passage.

We then take time to respond in reflection and song. During this time parents will be invited to collect their children.

The services finishes around 11.50am and we invite you to stay around to chat and browse resources.

Who is in the room?

If you come along you’ll change the mix, but here’s a rough sketch.

Over the last year you would have found around 150-200 people. About 1 in 4 would be children, 1 in 4 would be their parents. One in 10 would be students, 1 in 4 would be young workers without kids, and the rest would be older workers.

Many are with us regularly – a mix of people who would call themselves Christians and those who wouldn’t. We find there are always many in the room for the first time, beginning to explore faith and looking for community in our city.

It’s not really possible to know everyone in a crowd of up to 200 people, but we think it’s important to get connected to a few people. Using a Connect Card to join a Community Group is the easiest way to do this. You can also sign up for a Community Group here.

How can I find out more?

You’ll find Connect Cards on every other chair. Please fill one in and come to the Connect Point to find out more about Grace Church.

a community of communities learning to explore, experience and express God's goodness across our City.