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A pastor, a doctor, an architect and others sat in a living room hearing a local social worker share her passion for her work and the pain of it as she works on the cases of refugees seeking assylum in our nation. A Community Group gathering.

In a previous gathering we heard from an engineer in the group, and I’m looking forward to hearing from others in future.

What can we do about the refugee crisis and assylum seekers?

The Christian faith, as Krish Kandiah explains in the video below, tells us that all of us are refugees, to whom a lavish welcome is offered.

In Jesus, we see that God is at work in this world for good, he’s ahead of us in responding to the needs of his world, and invites us to join him in what he’s doing, to renew all things.

The need seems overwhelming and we tried to consider what response we could each give to this situation.

We recognised that some of us might engage politics campa,igning and supporting those who fight for justice, others might need to consider the longer term work of pursuing a career in politics or law.

We asked whether we have the capacity to open our homes to those in need.

We saw that our friend working in social work is engaged on the frontline – just as each of us is in other ways for the same or other causes. We spoke of how we as a church family might be a part of a response.

It’s easy to say someone should do something. Armchair outrage at injustice isn’t difficult. The situation is complex, involving many factors, and if the solution was simple surely the problems would already be resolved. But, perhaps, there are concrete steps we can take to do something, steps that might cost us, steps that can empower and encourage and equip others to do what they’re doing.

Some can join in with God’s renewing work in his world by being social workers, others in redeeming places through architecture, others overcoming illness in the NHS, and many other ways in culture, neighbourhoods and workplaces.

Krish Kandiah of Home for Good offers practical steps to respond to the refugee crisis in this short video.

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