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AFTER THE MEETING Sunday’s 2-4pm

  • Signage
  1. Take down all signage inside for Grace Church
  2. Take down all signage outside around the building
  3. Pack signage away in correct place.
  • Pack the chairs
  1. Bring out the chair trolleys from store cupboard and start to load them.
  2. Try to end up with only one part filled trolley, this will help with numbers of chairs next week.
  3. As trolleys are filled (15 chairs per rack, 90 chairs per trolley).
  4. Trolleys can go back in the room after the flooring trolleys come out.
  • Lift the flooring (Carpet Tiles)
  1. Once the chairs are cleared bring out the flooring trolleys. Wheel the trolleys to the far end of the room and face them up the hall. To minimise the distance carried for each tile put each of the trolleys on either side, half way between the half way mark and wall of the width of the hall.
  2. Start loading the trolleys (half of the room each) moving them up as necessary. Try to keep the trolleys on the carpet for as long as possible.
  3. Place trolleys back in store cupboard
  • Secure building
  1. Lock up the building, setting alarms as necessary.

Candidates are required to complete a manual handling training and are expected to be a key holder.

*This role could be weekly or as part of a rota depending on number of applicants.

Training will be provided.

Rate of pay: £10.00 Per hour

CLOSING DATE: Sunday 26th November 2017

Please apply by expressing your interest via email to Julia Rice at the Grace Church office at: julia@gracechurchexeter.org or Tel: 01392 211331




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