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We sat round a table in a corner of Samuel Jones on Tuesday evening. The pub was buzzing on one of the hottest days of the year so far. People were talking about all kinds of things around us, and we turned to the subject of reading the Bible.

Seven of us shared how often Bible reading seems hard work, and we easily feel guilty about how we’re doing. We also tend to assume others are doing better than us.

We considered that Bible reading is about pursuing Jesus, and so getting through a plan isn’t the point. Meeting a person is.

We noted that ‘Personal Bible Reading’ is quite abnormal in church history – its a great privilege to be able to read the Bible, but for most of the past 2000 years people’s Bible access has been through hearing preaching and reading with others.

We then took on a case study from the start of Leviticus (!).

Some tips:

  • 1. Read fast – the Bible is a book. Enjoy the story.
  • 2. Read slow – pick a book and study it for some time. Ask at our Next Steps Table for tips on good study guides, tools and resources.
  • 3. Read together – with a friend, with a Community Group etc.
  • 4. Read with help – the Bible is accessible but some of it is harder, it’s ok to have questions and its good to ask those questions of others.
  • 5. Read to meet Jesus – the Bible is for us and about Jesus.

Similar evenings are in the Term Planner on May 12th and June 9th. More details to follow. You can also book Dave Bish to come and lead your Triplet or Community Group through a one off or series of evenings like this.

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