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16th July, 2019

We ended our series I LOVE MY CITY, looking at Genesis 4:16-26. Stuart Alred spoke: 1. Whole heart 2. Whole life 3. Whole city And we concluded by seeing five ways to love our city. Two longer quotes from Stu's message, John Stott reflected: “One of the most notable features of the worldwide evangelical movement during the last ten to fifteen years has been the recovery of our temporary mislaid social conscience. For approximately fifty years (c1920-70) evangelical Christians were preoccupied with the task of defending the historic biblical faith against the attacks of theological liberalism, and reacting against its “social gospel.” But now we are convinced that God has given us social as well as evangelistic responsibilities in his world. Yet the half century of neglect has put us far behind in this area. We have a long way to catch up.” And another leader: “The good news of the gospel is that Christ’s death on the cross has paid the penalty for our sins so that we can be forgiven. But there is more good news! The cross is so powerful that it makes possible the restoration of the entire created world.”

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