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We Love Jesus

Jesus is the reason we exist. God the Father reveals himself in person, through his Son. We believe that there is no God in heaven who is unlike Jesus.

Jesus loved us and gave himself up for us. He took our place in death and was raised to new life that we too might be raised with Him.

He is the message of the Bible. He is our message. His story is the story we tell and celebrate.

We Love the Holy Spirit 

The Holy Spirit fills His people and brings us into relationship with the Father as adopted sons in God’s family.

The Spirit helps us to change and live a fruitful life. He gives good gifts to the Church to strengthen and motivate us to love others.

As a church we create different times and places to learn and experience different aspects of the Holy Spirit’s work. These contexts include prayer, worship, spiritual gifts, communion, Bible reading and Bible teaching, amongst others.

We Love the Bible 

We believe that the Bible is the inspired, infallible, authoritative Word of God. We want to submit our lives and church activities to the guidance and instruction of God’s written Word in every way.

In our Sunday gatherings and Community Groups we prioritise the reading and teaching of the Bible in order that we might be hearers and doers of the Word.

We Love People

Throughout the New Testament we read about Jesus meeting people where they are, without judgment or prejudice.

We believe that He loves people and values us enough to speak into our unique circumstances and situations today.

As a church we want to express the same kind of unconditional love to those around us. We hope to provide a place where honest questions can be met with honest answers, helping one another to take appropriate next steps in our journey.

We Love Our City

We love our city. We want to celebrate the good things in Exeter and seek to help where there are challenges. We believe that our work matters, and that Jesus is interested in every part of our lives here.

We love the schools, shops, businesses, sport (Chiefs), music, food, university, healthcare, charities and communities. We believe that Jesus cares about all areas of our society. We do too.

a community of communities learning to explore, experience and express God's goodness across our City.