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On July 1st our Senior Leadership Team shared their four areas of focus for the next 12-18 months. Here is the first:

At Grace Church Exeter our stated vision is:  “To see people exploring, experiencing and expressing God’s goodness across our city.”

A great question to ask is: why is this our vision?

  • Why is it important that the Church honours time and space for exploration?
  • Why should we change Church practise, priorities and style for the sake of others?
  • Why should we be concerned to grow spiritually?
  • Why should we honour, encourage and strengthen people with different preferences, gifts and denominational backgrounds?
  • Why do we care about our city and not just the Church?
  • Why do we think every area of life has intrinsic value and potential?

We think all of these questions are answered essentially in the life of Jesus Christ. In the Bible Jesus is described as the Chief Shepherd and cornerstone. He is our inspiration and the one Christians are learning to follow.

In the coming year we want to focus on the ‘heart of the issue’. We want to shift our emphasis from the what/how to the why. We want to remind people and explain our deepest passion: Jesus.

The life of Christ will be the particular focus of our autumn preaching series though this priority will shape all that we’re doing.

It will be our prayer that we see more people exploring, experiencing and expressing God’s goodness across our city.

a community of communities learning to explore, experience and express God's goodness across our City.