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If you’re looking for Frontiers Church Exeter then you’re in the right place…

Our church started out as a group of 8 people in 2003 under the leadership of Andy & Jane Arscott. The name “Frontiers Church Exeter” was chosen to help communicate the new church’s affiliation with the Newfrontiers movement of churches.

In the last decade much has changed. We have experienced significant growth, developed new leaders and launched various ministries. Many of those who were part of the launch of Frontiers Church Exeter have now moved away from Exeter to be closer to their families.

During the last 2 years we have been working together to establish what we’d like our church to look like in the coming years, and in the last 18 months this has included reviewing our name.

What’s in a Name? 

As a Leadership Team we have enjoyed a lengthy process of planning and prayer as we have carefully considered what our future as a church should look like. It soon became clear that an important part of this process would be choosing a new name.

After an extended period of consultation – which included speaking to various leaders in the church, friends in Exeter and conducting a public online survey – it quickly become clear that Grace Church was the overwhelming favourite.

We feel that Grace Church is a much clearer expression of our desire to make the grace of God accessible to as many people as we can. There’s no such thing as a perfect name, but we believe that “Grace Church” is a good fit and will work well for us.

In August 2014 we officially became Grace Church Exeter.

The name change doesn’t devalue what has gone before – it simply marks the start of a new chapter for us.  We want to retain all that is good about Frontiers Church Exeter as we look to the future together.

Our life as Grace Church Exeter begins on Sunday 31st August at Maynard School.

We’ve included more of our story on the website so that you can understand a little more of our history.

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