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We recently held a Week of Prayer where our aim was to learn to experience God in prayer.

We used three tools to help us.

1. Mike Reeves’ book Enjoy your prayer life. We bought nearly 300 copies to give to those in the Grace Church family, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive about this short and accessible book. We still have some spare copies so if you’d like one get in touch.

2. The Prayer Course. This free online course by Pete Greig and Jonny Hughes helped us as we watch from home, or gathered over breakfast at the church office. Each session walks through a line of The Lord’s Prayer. The session on unanswered prayer was particularly beneficial. Available at www.prayercourse.org

3. A prayer diary.  We simply wrote down what we prayed for and then wrote down when things were answered. Call it coincidence but things many asked for were granted by a generous God who loves to be asked of – though this is held in tension with the reality of unanswered prayer.

If you participated in this week we’d love to hear about how you learned to experience God in prayer. 

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