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As part of our I LOVE MY CITY series we hosted an evening on I LOVE ART AND CULTURE. We were joined by artist Jon Doran who spoke to us about his work and how his Christian faith interacts with art.

Download mp3: Jon Doran: I love art and culture.

We experience the value of art and design in our culture. Apple reported record breaking profits in January 2015, a company built on the conviction that their products should be ‘beautifully designed’.

The Bible tells a story in which art is a key theme.

Canvas. The world is set as a canvas on which God paints the broadest of brushstrokes and then invites humanity to fill in the detail. The canvas is set to be painted with the most vivid colours and imagination. All we make and do is culture.

Artisans. As the Holy Spirit first fills people, in Exodus 35, it isn’t to give an experience of divine adoption, or to give spiritual gifts, or to change character – though the Spirit delights to do such things, but rather to equip skilled artisans to build a grand art installation at the centre of the community, the Tabernacle.

Distorted images. As the story unfolds, abusive craftsmen carve idols. People write laments and celebrations as timeless poetry capturing the ‘bright sadness’ of this life.

Carpenter’s art. Then an artisan comes from Nazareth, a carpenter who comes to complete the work of art, through his crucifixion on another carpenter’s cross. His death a display of the horrors of this world and the magnificience of his love.

Now we are artists. His death leads us forward to a final day when the painting will have been completed. In between we each have a contribution to make. And whilst we cannot do all things, he is with us to spark creativity and create culture.

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