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Why are you focusing on Communion at Grace Church?

At Grace Church we are spending time as a team, and a Church considering how and why we do Communion. Here are 5 reasons for this exploration.

1)      Our basis for unity

Whilst we appreciate our history as a local Church, we are increasingly becoming a ‘multi – denominational’ church. Understanding the basis and depth of our unity is therefore increasingly important to us. There are many things as Christians we have different views on. Beneath everything else we are as a church family, the foundational thing we have in common is the good news of Jesus Christ.

2)      Worship for all

One of the reasons we love Communion is because it enables anybody to participate in worship. Whether you are up or down, suffering or rejoicing, introvert or extrovert, communion is an invitation to come and receive. You don’t need to subscribe to our worship style, you don’t need to have or be able to bring any spiritual gifts. We are all invited and we can all receive.

3)      The promise of presence

Exactly how God is ‘present’ through the breaking of bread has been an issue of great debate. We are inspired by the experience of the disciples who reflect, ‘He was known to them in the breaking of bread.’ We expect that as we receive the bread and wine with faith, the Spirit of God will enable a special experience for His people.

4)      The centrality of the cross

Jesus gives us the ‘breaking of bread’, which the early disciples were ‘devoted to’ as a reminder of Jesus’ love for us through the cross. It reminds us of our need for him and his love for us. This is central to the Christian faith and we believe that communion is given to help us remember this. It is through participation in this act, that we ‘proclaim his death, until he comes’.

5)      The physical / spiritual dynamic of faith

The Christian faith promises a physical transformation. The story ends with a tangible feast through which the Spirit enables us to experience God fully. Communion helps to remind us that we are not trying to ‘escape the world in worship’ but rather we are looking to enjoy God through a physical reality which will one day be experienced fully.

Please join us at Church Together, 7.30pm-9.00pm on Wednesday 1st December at Ryan House, The Maynard School where we’ll spend an evening exploring this together as a church family.

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