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A New Season

January will mark the sixth year of my leadership at Grace Church. Our evolving, emerging & brilliant team have been on a fantastic journey seeking to lead our community well.

Initially we entered into a pruning season as a community. We felt for faith to be relevant for our generation a number of things had to change. A number of people left and a number of people joined as we focussed on what we see as important for today.

It feels like we have moved from pruning to sowing. New prayers, study, teaching, emphasis and teams have been worked on. Theological foundations have been laid, philosophy of ministry established and ministry shapes shared. ‘Giving ourselves to God’s reconciliation of all things’ is how we have been describing the big vision for all we are doing.

Paul writes, “I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the growth.” (1 Corinthians 3v6)

Through personal prayer, team experience and a special sense of God’s presence at our prayer time that the season is changing again. Now is time to water our community through Bible saturated prayer.

A number of people at our overnight prayer independently felt Psalm 1 was particularly important for us now. A tree, planted by the stream, that yields fruit in its season is like those who delight in the Scriptures.

Given this shared sense of leading I can’t wait for our overnight prayer in the new year and our ‘Empowered’ teaching series. Additionally, we’ll be teaching from the Psalms in the summer term seeking to know His presence through prayer. Our series will be called ‘Songs for all Seasons’ and we hope will be one of the ways we receive an invitation to receive nourishment together.

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